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Ruby y Blanca

In Colombian culture, we honor our matriarchs—the often unsung heroes of history, society, and family. My grandmothers Rubelia and Blanca were the backbone of my family. The strength, grace, and enormous heart of these two women helped shape me into the person I am today. Ruby Blanca Wines is my ode to them.


Abuelita Blanca was steadfast and determined, and always found a way to move mountains. She had seven kids before the age of thirty and raised them to be responsible, hardworking, compassionate, and loving. My grandfather wore many hats: coffee farmer, accountant, and politician. The only reason he was able to do such things was because of Abuelita Blanca and her unwavering support. In addition to caring for her own family, she also raised her siblings after my great grandparents died young. For me, Blanca has always been a pillar of resolve and endless love.


A maverick when times got hard, Abuelita Rubelia came from a large family with very little means, and helped to raise her seven siblings. Shortly after marrying and giving birth to my mom and aunt, her husband passed away. She soon remarried and my uncle was born, but tragically, her second husband suffered a heart attack and also passed away. After being widowed a second time, Abuelita Rubelia made the incredibly hard decision to leave her life and family in Colombia and move to the United States in order to find work and provide for her children. Eventually she bought her own home in NYC and moved her children over, one by one. Despite all of her hardships, she always found the courage and hope to keep her looking forward. She had an unwavering spirit and endless optimism, and brought joy to those around her. Rubelia will always be my ray of sunshine.

Ruby Blanca Wines honors its namesakes by making wines that are full of heart, a sense of purpose, and using playful practices that support the people and land surrounding it.

Sabrina Tamayo, a queer, Latinx, female winemaker holding out one red and one white bottle of Ruby Blanca Wines
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